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Choose your coaching package

  • Monthly Plan

    Renew monthly at decreasing loyalty rates
    Valid for one month
    • Initial Fitness Program Setup
    • Coaching Subscription Plan
  • Six-Month Plan

    Our best value
    Valid for 6 months
    • Initial Fitness Program Setup
    • Coaching Subscription Plan

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Pricing Breakdown

One Time Set-Up

  • Complete customized program

  • Minimal follow-up, no coaching


Monthly Plan

  • Starts at $500 for the first month

  • Price decreases $50 each month you renew 

  • After your 8th month, continue at our $100/month loyalty rate

Six-Month Plan

  • One time payment of $1500 for six months ($250/month)

  • Continue at our $100/month loyalty rate


With a Coaching Plan you will subscribe to continuous coaching and adjustments based on:

  • regular progress pictures

  • weekly updates and feedback on

    • your mood

    • the workouts

    • your energy levels

  • honest reports on how well you are doing

    • eating your food

    • performing the cardio

    • sleeping

Your body type, how well you respond to certain foods, to the training, the cardio and the supplementation... everything is different person to person and it takes a week or so to work out your baseline and fine tune your program. After a few weeks we will totally be rocking and rolling but the more honest and forthcoming with your initial questionnaire, the quicker this can happen. Your plan will be adjusted and polished until it fits perfectly with your lifestyle, abilities and goals.

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