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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ZMF Program personal or is it a “Cookie-Cutter” macro plan?

Every program is handwritten by Ziegler. After signing up you will be asked to answer a bunch of questions. These questions will include your fitness past and your current goals. You’ll be asked about the foods you like and the exercises you hate. The time you wake up and how your day is scheduled. Injuries and achievements should also be highlighted. Based on the information provided Ziegler will build a one of a kind program. 


What Information is needed from me to sign up?

After you sign up the site will automatically ask you to answer questions related to your fitness history and your current goals. You’ll be asked about any injuries you may currently have or have-had. The foods you enjoy and also the ones you don’t. You’ll also be asked to take some pictures of your current condition. Based on the questions, your weight and pictures Ziegler will have everything needed to begin creating a custom program. If additional information is requested Ziegler will email the address used to sign up. 


What is included in the ZMF Plan?

Working with Ziegler covers all the areas of Fitness to keep you on track. You will have the entire day mapped out with hourly instructions. The plan includes Nutrition, Training, Supplementation and Cardio set up in an easy to read and understand format. Much more than a macro list you’ll have times, measurements, alternatives and more to ensure you can stay on track and have the best practical plan available. 


Can anyone work with Ziegler Monster? 

Unfortunately not everyone will be a good fit for the ZMF Style of Fitness. Ziegler works best with someone who has, “some” to “good” gym experience lifting weights. Someone who can push themselves in the gym and follow a routine. The type of person who has a goal in mind but is not sure on the details to get there. Someone who is ready to take control of the journey but needs a map and a guide. Not a babysitter to force them but a coach to show them a style and layout the safest and fastest course. 

How does the Month-to-Month ZMF Loyalty Program Work? 

Every Month you stay consistent with your ZMF plan, your Monthly Rate will be reduced by ($50) until you reach your (8th Month) then your ZMF Plan will be $100 Per Month and continue at $100 Per Month for Life. 


How does the 6-Month Loyalty Program Work? 

When you reach the end of your 6 months with ZMF you will have the option to stay on the ZMF Team for Life at $100 Per Month. 


If I sign up for a coaching plan will I have access to Ziegler directly to ask questions? 

Yes! As a client you will have your programs written by Ziegler, your weekly check-ins will be reviewed and modified by Ziegler and you will be able to email and text questions and general fitness chat 24/7. Phone calls and zoom sessions may also be used but will be scheduled as needed. 


What is the difference between the “Monthly Plan” and the “Six-Month Plan”?

All ZMF Plans come with a fully customized and personal program including Training, Nutrition, Supplementation and Cardio written out in an easy to understand format. You then are enrolled in continued support with 1-on-1 communication with Ziegler and alterations to the plan allowing for full customization to totally attack goals and have the plan evolve with you and allow for revisions through the process. The commitment to a 6-month term on our Six-Month Plan is our best value, saving you $750 over the Monthly Plan over 6-months. 

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