Monster Shirt and a Monster Workout

This is the ALL-IN-ONE DEAL! 


You will get: One Full-Out Monster Workout with David Ziegler himself and the most Comfortable Monster Sleeveless Shirt.. EVER! 


If you’re going on a Vegas vacation or local to the area you can get in a Monster Workout with David Ziegler in your favorite gym or his! With this package you and Ziegler will chat and schedule a date and time for your workout and what body part you'll be training. You’ll be put through one of the workouts used to shock and force new growth and you'll look awesome while you do it! You and Ziegler will also discuss the location and the intensity level of this workout. This workout can be very challenging and with advanced and technical techniques used by top tier bodybuilding athletes. However, this session may be used for a beginner to learn the ropes, and intermediate to sharpen moves and learn new tricks and everything between and further! No matter who you are, you and David will have a wonderful workout! 



  • Subject to Location 

  • Client is Responsible for David Ziegler’s Guest Pass 

  • Includes: (1) Shirt , (1) Workout

  • Workout may last up-to (3) Hours 

  • Workout will be at least (75) Minutes 

  • Back and Legs can be too demanding for some


Workout Options 

  • Chest + Shoulders 

  • Quads + Hams

  • Full Back

  • Triceps + Biceps 

Location Availability 

- Las Vegas, NV

- Henderson, NV

- Raleigh, NC

- Cary, NC

Shirt Sizes 

- Medium

- Extra Large

- XX Large

Monster Workout + Monster Sleeveless Shirt


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