ZMF Training Program


  • Complete Involvement

  • Personalized Program  

  • Guaranteed Results

  • Men and Women

  • 24/7 Support



     Thank you for showing interest about training and working with me as a client! I will take control of the details; Training Split and Routines, your Nutrition, Supplementation Protocol and Cardio. You will have all the information needed to fully execute the program confidently.

     To make your current goals a possibility, the more details I have about your normal routine and fitness history the better. It will be important to fill out the questions below thoroughly. With that information I will put together your personal program. The details and this structure are important for manipulating variables. 

     With your fitness history information, current pictures, body weight and measurements I will put together your personal ZMF Program. Designed and tailored specifically for you, written towards accomplishing your goals, and working with your life schedule. Although I have confidence in your program, it will be untested and may need adjustments. Because of this the first two weeks will be your “Test Period”. During the first fourteen days you will follow the program and keep diligent notes on your experience. In your journal you will document your mood, feelings, difficulties and successes as you strive to follow your ZMF Program perfectly. If you find yourself hungry between meals, or potentially you aren't hungry when your meal is scheduled, write it down and be honest. Details are important information to evolve and improve your program. How well your workout was, and where you are with your state of recovery; how tired and sore are you? Is your morale strong? Motivated? All of these details and the overall “numbers” of the day will be documented and then submitted to Ziegler for review every Monday morning for analysis and updates for your ZMF Program.

     The “Test Period” will be completed after (14) days. If needed, the program will be adjusted before entering the ZMF Phase Training System; if the changes are too numerous or dramatic enough, potentially yourself or Ziegler don't feel the execution was satisfactory, the “Test Period” will be extended or repeated. If the “Test Period” is completed successfully, and the changes made are small you will enter the ZMF Training Phase system to begin your Personal ZMF Program and advance through the phases.


     Each Phase will be (6) weeks in duration, totaling in, (4) phases for your 6-Month ZMF Training Package. Without extension; your ZMF partnership will end (2) weeks into the Fourth Phase of your ZMF Training, assuming everything was successful. At this time you will have the option to extend another (6) months for (50%) off your initial Program Fee continuing the ZMF Phase Training System and guidance. 


  • The Phases will not be repeated unless you quit, become injured, sick or lose motivation. 

  • Each Phase will be (6) weeks.

  • The ZMF Personal Program will consist of (24) Weeks. 

  • You will be responsible for at least (24) Progress Updates.


     To make sure that your journey runs as productively as possible I will require you to keep a legible journal documenting your day and highlighting important information. I will work with you for (180) days, and I want to be able to see every one of those days clearly. You will utilize a small list of supplies listed below:


  1. 5-Star Mead NoteBook


-High Quality Notebook, College ruled.

-30 Horizontal Lines.


  1. Fine Point Pen


  1. Ruler


  1. (Yellow) (Pink) (Blue) (Purple) (Orange) Highlighter


-Yellow; Month, Year, Training Rating, Important Information. 

-Pink; End of Day Calories. 

-Blue; End of Day Protein Count.

-Purple; AM & PM Bodyweight. 

-Orange; Negative or Bad Information.


  1. Calculator 


  1. Liquid Whiteout 


  1. MyFitness Pal App 


-Keeping track of Daily Calories Numbers. 

-Keeping Track of Grams of Protein, Fat, and Grams of Carbohydrates.

Example A2 - Notebook.jpg

     One page of your notebook will represent one week of your fitness journey under the guidance of Ziegler Monster. After the completion of one week, you will take a picture of the page and send it to by 10AM Eastern Time. (See the Attached Example - A1)

     Your notebook might seem overwhelming or difficult but I assure you it is easy and will not take long to set-up, and keep your notes. Before the start of each week (or all at once), you will create the template for the seven days on one page. Then you will fill in that template over your waking hours for the week following your program. At the completion of that Program week, you will take a picture of that completed page and then send that picture to Ziegler (See Example-1, Example-A2). This style of note keeping will ensure that your approach translates to the evolution of your Fitness Journey. Fitness is a numbers game. Science and 100 years of competitive individuals have turned 80% of this journey into something that can be documented. Specific numbers combined with skillful execution will move mountains. Nothing is left to chance or unaccounted for with my system. The details are extremely important to each individual and without this system, seeing those details, and making the changes needed to combat them would be impossible. Your ZMF Notebook is the cornerstone working to keep you engaged, accountable and motivated.


     For tracking calories and macro grams I recommend the use of MyfitnessPal App. It is possible to track these numbers with a pencil and paper, but it is a lengthy and tedious process. Using the MyFitnessPal App will make tracking your food much easier and filling in your notebook very fast and simple... With the app you input what food you ate, and, at the end of the day it will tell you your overall Calories and how many grams of Protein, Carbs, and Fats you ate. This format will be very useful; I will tell you what to eat and when to eat it, but by logging what’s on your program and any additional foods you eat. I will be able to clearly and easily see how well you stay on the program, where you made mistakes, by how much and how to rectify those mistakes. I will handle the difficult processes behind the decisions and make sure that information is set-up easily for you to practice and document. Seeing and having those numbers will be crucial for me, and you accurately documenting them will ensure this process works.  










What time do you like to train?


How long have you been training?


What is your current Nutrition program?


What is your current training Split?


What are your current Training Routines?


Do you participate in any Physical Activities?


How many hours can you commit to the gym each day?


Can you do cardio first thing in the morning? For how long?


When do you wake up?


When do you go to sleep?


What is your work schedule?


Can you eat at work?


What supplements do you take?  


Do you have any medical concerns I should know about?


Do you have any injuries?


What exercises can’t you do?


What foods don’t you like?


Are you allergic to anything?


IMPORTANT: This will be for personalizing your program, the more information the better.

   Copy and paste the questions into an email and answer them as accurately and detailed as possible. Title the email with your first and last name. 

   Attach current pictures with the questions or in a separate email. Title the email Progress Pictures and the date the pictures were taken.


Progress Pictures 

Taking Progress Photos 

Do your best to take the pictures in the same location every time. A full, clean background, taken from the same distance with bright lighting.

  • Progress Pictures every other Week. 

  • Take the picture on the last day of your ZMF week and send them with your notes picture. 

  • Bodybuilders/Fitness Competitors send Mandatories and Quarter Turn pictures every week. ​ 

  1. Front Double Bicep

  2. Rear Double Bicep

  3. Left Side Relaxed 

  4. Right Side Relaxed

  5. Front Relaxed

  6. Back Relaxed